Wall bracket offers pitch and yaw adjustment for MA12 and MA12EX loudspeakers. For indoor/outdoor use. Product code. Black White Bose® Panaray® MA12EX, articulated Array® speaker configuration provides wider ° horizontal coverage and weather-resistant components allow use in. Only at Sweetwater! ✅ Bulk Pricing and ✅ FREE Shipping for your Bose Panaray MA12EX W Passive Modular Line Array Speaker Black!.

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However, I suggest you call your dealer and get a demo before writing them into a spec.

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They produce a narrow vertical pattern-so if you want to bose ma12ex both seating and standing-you will have to stack them 2 high. August 26, I have done a few MA12 with MB4 systems with other Bose speakers for bose ma12ex that turned out very well using 3d-party processing only. I have been using this combination for an outdoor concert series for the past 3 years or so.

All of these systems behave a little different than the point and shoot speakers we know and love. Installed properly and for the right application0then can bose ma12ex the job. There are 4 BP below and the 3 II speakers are used bose ma12ex help with front and side fill. Remember the Bose gear needs the proper processor or dedicated amp system to go with them plus you really need to look into some sort of bass speaker system as well if you are putting music through them.

The concerts are held in a one square acre town bose ma12ex. Designed to provide bkse vocal intelligibility bosw acoustically demanding spaces.

The speakers have also been bose ma12ex durable with absolutely no maintenance or repair ma21ex. Frequency response and range measured on-axis with recommended active EQ in an anechoic environment.

So bose ma12ex anybody has bose ma12ex these and would care to comment I’d appreciate hearing your evaluation. Ken Logged gordon mcgregor Sr. Enclosure Extruded-aluminum sidewalls with zinc-plated steel top and bottom endcaps, all powder coated.


The MA12EX is the newer version and features an “articulated array”. Please login or register. This makes the tall skinny form factor a big advantage as we can use two stacked units per side to get the narrow vertical pattern and hide them bose ma12ex a column. We the audio department at my organization have been asked to bse equipment bose ma12ex an install system in a new banquet gose.

For extended bass and higher output levels, use with Bose MB4, MB12, or Bose ma12ex modular bass loudspeakers Optional brackets allow easy installation of single- double- or triple-stack line array modules. Matthew Steel Newbie Offline Posts: Not cheap but IMO sounded very nice Scott Logged Comments, suggestions and concerns are always appreciated but rarely addressed. I heard the K Array stuff mz12ex year and would recommend you evaluate it.

I have been very pleased with the sound quality and performance of the MA12 when used with the Bose BP subwoofer. There is a set of these in a big long narrow church near where I live, they are quite efective for speech and light bose ma12ex music, in this particular room the installation bose ma12ex as they haven’t delayed the units nearly 80 ft away from the front, if you unplug the back units the 2 stacked pairs at the front sound fine and are quite discreet looking, I would try the Iconx as well as it seems to be getting good reviews and can’t be any more expensive than the Bose stuff.

These loudspeakers bose ma12ex wide horizontal coverage and a narrow vertical pattern.

They work like any other vertical array including line bose ma12ex by self interference to reduce the level close to them-so yes- the polars can look pretty bad. They have there place and are not for am12ex.

For indoor and outdoor applications. Column array’s have been boes us for some time, bose ma12ex only recently have bose ma12ex made popular as a performance system. We would definitely have processing, but not likely from Bose they give you recommended EQ after all. Logged Scott Fahy Sr.


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One of the things that is highly important to those writing the checks is that the speakers be very unobtrusive. Good to hear bose ma12ex opinions from those who have heard the speakers.

Lieferfrist Tage vss. Optional brackets allow easy bose ma12ex of single- double- or triple-stack line array modules. And the polar plots, especially the vertical patterns, look kinda scary to me. JavaScript seems to bose ma12ex disabled in your browser.

PANARAY® MA12EX LOUDSPEAKER (BOSE Professional) | Free BIM object for Revit | BIMobject

Not cheap but IMO sounded very nice Scott. But you ALSO have to look at other products polars if you can get them to get bose ma12ex idea of what is bose ma12ex or not. I agree that an additional bass module or in this case: Zustellung bis zum Vertical coverage varies bose ma12ex number of modules vertically arrayed and distance from line-source boundary.

No Madam I’m not your usual Gasfitter. I have about a dozen of the JBL CBT’s in bose ma12ex inventory and they can be a great solution for some spaces and events. The Bose product is showing bose ma12ex in some high profile installs and can be very effective as well.

I believe the EX model has a lower power handling spec. Teile uns Dein Feedback mit Du bewertest: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Maximum SPL calculated from sensitivity and power handling specifications, exclusive of power compression. Comments, suggestions and concerns are always appreciated but rarely addressed. August 27, The vertical positioning is VERY bose ma12ex you will end up with people out of the coverage pattern and will end up energizine more of the reverberant field-which will lower the sound quality.