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A System For Health Care

by bobbyrettew The United States is engaged again in a debate on health care and the best system to provide and receive health care. Other nations across the planet have similar debates and there are different approaches to care in different countries. I add my opinions as a provider and consumer of health care to… Read More »

All about Adipex diet pills

by kadluba Adipex is one the most popular brand name derived from the prescription weight lose pill “phentermine”. This pill is categorized under the amphetamine family. However, Adipex is an appetite suppressant used to treat obesity. The side effects involved with this pill make people buy diet pills which have lesser side effects. Phentermine was… Read More »

Antiseptics Usages

by dogwelder Antiseptics are used to reduce, stop or prevent the growth of bacteria, infections, germs, and other infectious microorganisms. Widely used in hospitals and health care centers in pre-surgical procedures, on wounds, cuts, burns and scrapes of the body. There are many antiseptics available in the market. Some are highly beneficial at killing germs,… Read More »

Types of Sleep Disorders

by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious A sleep disorder is characterized as the disturbance in time, quality, amount, or behavior associated with sleep. Sleep disorders are classified according to two major types, dyssomnia and parasomnias. The dyssomnia caterogy involves sleeping disorders where an individual finds it difficult to sleep or to remain asleep. The parsasomias category… Read More »