4 Aug At the July meeting, Wes Kolkmeier spent some time with us discussing his large segmented turning projects. Wes is a retired carpenter of On Mon, 22 Feb , “Ed Pawlowski” It’s there Ed. There’s only three files posted at that time period. There are ten million free. I tried googling for Iturra and a few variations but could not find a listing for a website. I want to order a catalog so I can upgrade an older band.

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If you happen to order a catalog when they’re gearing up for a new one, it can take a long time. If so, would your reader benefit by knowing these ways? It’s a binary newsgroup. He cut the entire block of wood up into blanks, which left me with a few spares, should I ever need them. I received my first one in about two weeks, but that was a couple years ago.

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Top 25 Woodworking Blogger Crazy, huh? Laying Baize on a fedetral card table 5 replies. PDF of excerpted pages from the Iturra Designs catalog, click here.

If it is that difficult to get a catalog, screw ’em.

Man, was that nice. It is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers or service providers discussed here.


Iturra Design Catalogue | Fine Woodworking Knots

Bandsaw Tune-Up July 29, A google search pops up dozens of “I wish I could find them” comments. Blood Grove for Meat Cutting Board 5 replies. Strong words, but true: Beehive project and plan 3 replies. The link is https: Posted in Home Repair.

You can call Iturra Design at and order a paper catalog from them, or download this one. Finishing Walnut for natural look and protection 1 reply. Please do that, instead of a binary Usenet server.

Brainstorm on joining a lower oval shelf to legs.

He showed up a few weekends later and looked over the bandsaw first thing. Keep me logged iturrq. Disappearing Stairway plans of Lon Schleining. Louis started out nine years ago with a single product —a 3-inch high-tension steel spring. So I called and had them send me a catalog.

Are there other ways your customers use your products that other prospects and customers would find interesting, useful, productive, or profitable in their business?

From what I can remember, shipping was quite fast and I had the parts within a week. The Iturra Designs catalog is considered by many woodworkers to be the Bible of Bandsaws. Marc who keeps an Iturra catalogue in each bathroom of his house. No fancy ad campaigns. When I needed it, I made do with what I had. This was how we made things in Caatlog before the finance geeks ityrra over our best companies.

Share your’s 1 reply. I have a bandsaw in need of replacement parts. By that time, the CA glue was fully set, so I assembled it all together and screwed it in.

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PHT Contact options for registered users. How do you get help from FWW with a website issue? Anyone know how to remove the blade and chipbreaker from a Japanese Wood Planer 1 reply. The hallmark of American design and product character are the generous use of materials that serve product function, design that serves functionality, and rock-solid reliability.

The reason is that owner Louis A. It’s got some decent stuff as well as a lot of J. Looking for a rare block of wood I believe I heard the latest catalog is out, but a long wait is not uncommon. I noted both wheels had been balanced, which was good, but there were several things I thought I could do to improve performance.

In Search of replacement cabinet roller latch 1 reply. It’s in a dropbox. Of course, it also has information on any and every part you might need to replace on a bandsaw. He has a phone number and offers excellent customer service, though, which is good enough for me.