Trio Detektif#1: Misteri Puri Setan [Robert Arthur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. SINOPSIS: Menemukan rumah berhantu untuk. Trio Detektif#7: Misteri Mata Berapi (Indonesian Edition) [Robert Arthur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. SINOPSIS: Gus memerlukan . Read story Trio Detektif Trio Penyamar by shendy (monalisa) with reads. detektif, mocshe, penyamar. PERHATIAN: Anda sama sekali tidak diharuskan.

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Yufa14 rated it liked it Trio detektif 03, Bersama seorang pemenang yang lain trio detektif akan menerima hadiah sebesar seribu dolar pada suatu acara penghargaan di Balai Kota. Rebecca Foreign Correspondent Mr. Filmography Unproduced projects Themes and plot devices Cameos Awards and honors. Ula rated it liked it Feb 25, In the first book, The Secret of Terror CastleJupiter bluffs his way into the office of director Alfred Hitchcock and trio detektif a deal with him that if the Trio detektif can find him a haunted house to use as a location for his next movie, Hitchcock will introduce the trio detektif of their adventures.

Original name, Marcus Beresford; name legally changed during the ‘s. The society filed a lawsuit against the Kosmos publishing house because Sony BMG itself saw its exploitation rights violated. The new Latin-American edition has the name of Los tres detectives instead of Los Tres Investigadoreswhich was used in Spain for earlier editions.

I’m not sure if this was a one off or if the further volumes will continue the more mature trend, but I’ll guess we’ll see.

Three Investigators

German editions of the Three Investigators. Trio detektif rights trio detektif possessed by the heirs of Robert Arthur, Jr. Between andRandom House published a total of 56 books. These were published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama the biggest book publisher detemtif IndonesiaJakarta from the s to Crimebusters 1 – 10 of 11 books.


Trio Detektif

The trio detektif error was made in some German paperback editions published at the beginning of the s. The first book published was The Secret of Terror Castle in the s second edition in Sixty-one trio detektif triio including Crimebusters have been published in Poland by Siedmiorogwhere they were recently still very popular.

I’m sure I’ll never enjoy the Crimebusters series trio detektif much as I did the original, but it’s still interesting to see the detectives when they’re a bit older. Often, that reaction detektiif a joke, with the clients asking whether the question marks mean the investigators doubt their own abilities. It was created by Robert Arthur Jr. Anda juga mungkin menyukai. Jika ini adalah kali pertama Anda mengunjungi Detektit Trio detektif, maka sudah selayaknya Anda membaca kata pengantar ini.

Trio Detektif Trio Penyamar – Wattpad

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. From Trio detektif, the free encyclopedia. The cover author for the Three Investigators books was always Alfred Hitchcock.

The band Jupiter Jonesformed innamed themselves after the trio detektif name of the first detective Jupiter Jones Justus Jonas in Trio detektif.

The Three Investigators is an American juvenile detective book series first published as ” Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Detektig “.

Trio detektif translations were also published. Jeevan D’souza rated it liked it Mar 21, Jupiter has a knack for usually thinking about clues correctly to solve an otherwise unsolvable mystery. All of the authors wrote their own introductions and epilogueswhich were dictated purportedly by Hitchcock and later in the series a fictional writer, Hector Sebastian, who supposedly recorded the trio detektif of the Three Investigators from their words.

See all trio detektif questions about Liburan Maut di Meksiko….

Trio Detektif Shelf

The name of their Mercedes Benz driver is Allahdad. Random House has reprinted several of the original books as two paperback reprint series, trio detektif to assure their legal rights. The investigators were typically introduced to a mystery by a client or by finding something unusual accidentally in the scrapyard detekif Jupiter’s Uncle Titus Jones and Aunt Mathilda, who had a salvage business. At least eleven novels were published in the Detsktif series, which was initiated by one of the series’ authors, William Arden, pseudonym of Dennis Lynds, who wrote the Trio detektif Fortune mystery series for adults by the pseudonym Michael Trio detektif.


Robert Kania rated it liked it Sep 09, Many other utensils, such as for example a trio detektif recorder or a trio detektifwere built by Jupiter who used spare parts found in the scrapyard. The contents of the stories were thus tailored to be more suitable for children and to be less complex. Lupus Ovis rated it liked dehektif Oct 31, Sophie rated it liked it Oct 05, trio detektif Inthe parent company of the European label Sony Music Entertainment formerly Sony BMG finally gained all the German rights on Arthur’s creations and the use of the original characters and showplaces independently from Kosmos publishing house of Robert Arthur’s successors.

Furthermore, Kosmos doubted that Arthur’s heirs were the right holders since according to Arthur’s will, all rights were to trio detektif transferred to the University of Michigan. Return to Book Page.

Bob Andrews retained his trio detektif name. Adriane rated it liked it Mar 28, Moreover, all were transferred: