Antiseptics Usages

by dogwelder Antiseptics are used to reduce, stop or prevent the growth of bacteria, infections, germs, and other infectious microorganisms. Widely used in hospitals and health care centers in pre-surgical procedures, on wounds, cuts, burns and scrapes of the body. There are many antiseptics available in the market. Some are highly beneficial at killing germs,… Read More »

Life-Flo Health Care Pure Magnesium Oil, 2 Count

High concentrated source of Magnesium Chloride mined from the Zechstein Seabed – nothing added, nothing taken away. Easily tolerated, convenient, and non greasy 4 sprays contains approximately 66mg of elemental magnesium or 560mg per teaspoon Consists of a supersaturated solution of magnesium chloride and water Being a completely natural product, any clogs built can be… Read More »